Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Westland High School

DORA spent Term 1 supporting the students and staff of Westland High School following a fire in the school that took out the internet hub and administration block. We were able to park DORA at a temporary site in the community where the middle school used her as break out space for students, administration site for the staff and a WiFi hotspot delivering the internet to the classroom.
As the school community was able to go back to their site, DORA followed and continued in the role, offering an internet ‘safety net’ while the school internet was restructured and re-built. DORA was a great asset to the school, a calm place for students and staff in small groups to get away from the classroom and focus on their work.
DORA was great for those students who were suffering anxiety after the fire, fears of not making it through the year and achieving their credits – the stress and trauma of losing their school, it all mattered to the students and they approached DORA as a haven, something about that bus!

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