Wednesday, July 15, 2015

DORA at 7th Kids IT Conference on the Coast

"DORA has spent today (and will tomorrow) playing with 75 tech ex kids from all over the Coast - aged 10 -12. They've played with drones, and time lapse photography, the steam train at Shantytown - so they've been in  several centuries.  
Jason Blair from West Coast Tech Education Trust has apparently taken loads of footage -he's tagged her in twitter, Facebook,  the kids have uploaded stuff to YouTube. The Mayor of Greymouth got on and had a play. It's been brilliant!
Sarah did a 1.5 hour workshop with these kids around security and safety online -all engaged, all interacted. The used the sites the kids are using and she walked them through the risks.   It is tally exciting! This is the 7th Kids IT Conference on the Coast 75 kids from schools everywhere. 2020 must have a presence next year. They loved our stuff!
DORA is presently sitting up at Shantytown with time lapse cameras attached to every window. We wanted to see whether her panels were all clean and in order - Drone!" 

Cheryl Smeaton

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