Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dick Smith Sponsorship

New laptops for DORA thanks to Dick Smith sponsorship :) Tuesday, 17 December, 2013 - 10:49 Dick Smith has announced a new sponsorship for the 2020 Communications Trust’s Computers in Homes programme. The announcement was made in Christchurch today by Micah Gamman, Director for Dick Smith in New Zealand. Part of the sponsorship includes new laptop computers for DORA, the Trust’s mobile digital learning centre, based in Christchurch. Representatives from the 2020 Trust and Computers in Homes were present to receive the new equipment. "We are delighted with this support from Dick Smith," said Laurence Millar, Chair of the 2020 Communications Trust. "Our Computers in Homes programme is 50% funded by central government, but we rely on support from business and community partners to make up the balance." Computers in Homes currently supports 1500 families with school-aged children each year to develop their digital skills and connect to the internet. "Our vision is for every school-aged child to have access to the internet in their homes within 5 years; it is important for these children to have parents and grandparents who have the confidence to use digital technologies and engage with their children’s learning," said Mr Millar. "The latest Census data released earlier this month revealed that there are just over 62,000 households with school-aged children that do not have access to the internet. This means over 200,000 children are immediately disadvantaged when it comes to 21st Century learning, as their online access will be restricted to school hours whereas their peers will have access 24 hours/ 7 days a week. The support from Dick Smith will help to address this digital divide and ensure all our children have equitable learning opportunities," he said.


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